Long Range Accuracy originated in 2005 as Real Products LLC, a design and manufacturer of high-end off-road racing components. Ty Joseph, a mechanical engineer and machinist of 15 years, designed, tested, machined, and manufactured over 70 different racing components for the trophy truck and sand car market. In 2010, the company was faced with an economic downturn and was forced to discontinue designing and manufacturing its entire line of off-road racing products. The company was reborn as Long Range Accuracy. 

Long Range Accuracy is an engineering and designing firm of custom Survival and Hunting accessories for the military and civilian demographic. The company also designs and engineer’s special devices for the Military and Law enforcement on an as needed bases.  Utilizing all the latest CAD & CAM software and having warehouse of modern CNC machinery, we have the capability to go from rough design, to engineering, to manufacturing and providing a finished component to our clients. We provide only the highest quality components to the market at some of the best prices for items” Made in America.”  We have a standard product line and also custom build products for the consumer market.  Contact our Engineering Team with your ideas and we will hand you a finished component.

Senior Engineer:      Ty Joseph