• 6.5mm Grendel Ammo Reloading Tray

    $18.50 $17.00

    6.5mm Grendel Bullet Reloading Tray

    Reload 50 rounds at a time

    (Picture may not match the caliber you are buying)

    ====Price is for ONE RELOADING TRAY====

    Used for Staging, Reloading, Storing shells, Etc

    Manufactured in Texas, USA / Inspected using our certified quality program


    • CNC Machined 6061 T-6 Aluminum Billet.

    • Top Corners are chamfered to eliminate brass damage.

    • Bottom of bores are tapered to eliminate primer damage

    • Made in the USA ( Tyler, TX )

    • Dimensions 6” x 3” x 1” tall

    • Top side is 100% machined, rounded and chamfered.

    • Bottom of blocks are raw bar stock and not machined.

    • Will last a lifetime of usage.

    NOTE:   Bullets with larger Rim diameters such as revolver rounds will fit loose; there is no way around this at the time.