• LRA100 Engineered Rifle Sighting Benchrest


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    Model LRA-RS100 Engineered Rifle Sighting System

    The LRA-RS100 is a high-end rifle sighting system designed to handle rounds ranging from 22LR to a 338 Lapua Magnum. The product was designed by a team of engineers who enjoy shooting long distance. The complete system is made to accommodate many different rifle lengths and butt stock widths.  It is manufactured entirely in the USA, with pride. The mounting and clamping components are all CNC machined Poly and 6061 grade aluminum bar stock. All railing is CNC machined 300 series stainless steel solid bar.

    This LRA-RS100 is in a class of its own; weighing in at a massive 36 lbs.  This unit is not a typical Caldwell or Winchester made from injection molded fragile plastic and steel tube thinner than aluminum foil.  RS100 railing system allows the forend to slide back and forth while the height railing system goes up and down by simply loosening the two ¼” screws on the two clamps. The butt end of the rifle sight is composed of twin recoil springs to keep every shot in check. These springs will handle up to 84 pounds before reaching coil bind. To make sure your rifle rear end won’t move, there is a heavy duty poly clamp and a 5/8” nylon strapping set up.  The front end of your rifle is also held down by a 5/8” nylon strap. This gives you a secure three points of contact. The complete rifle sight sits on 4 adjustable nylon feet, which can be leveled using the north/south and east/west levels that sit on the base rails.

    At Long Range Accuracy, we believe sighting your rifle should be done within 2-3 shots in good optimal conditions. The days of going through loads of ammo just to dial in a new scope are a thing of the past with the LRA-RS100. For a 50BMG or a commercial grade rifle sight for your shooting range, please contact us.